Learn Google Chrome Shortcut Keys. Shortcut makes everything easy and quick. Here’s a list of very useful Google Chrome Shortcut Keys list. Every PC user must know these shortcut keys.

Why Shortcut keys are useful?

We all know that, while working on a Laptop or Desktop we all use some shortcut keys to speed up our work. Almost everybody uses these shortcut keys in Microsoft office or operating windows. But do you know that you can use google chrome even without a mouse? Yes, you heard it right, I am going to teach you all to google chrome shortcut keys and at the end, you can download a PDF file of these shortcuts which will be handy for sure. You must watch this video to see what operation each shortcut key does.

Find out these amazing Chrome Shortcut Keys :

    1. Ctrl + T: Opens a New Tab
    2. Ctrl + W: Closes Current Tab
    3. Ctrl + Tab: Switch to next Tab
    4. Ctrl + Shift + Tab : Switch to previous Tab
    5. Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Re-open last closed Tab. (Very handy when you accidentally close a tab)
    6. Ctrl + N : New Browser Windows
    7. Ctrl + Shift + N : Incognito Window (Private Window)
    8. Ctrl + J : Open Downlads
    9. Ctrl + H : Open History
    10. Ctrl + F or F3 : Find on webpage
    11. Ctrl + U : View Page Source
    12. Ctrl + K : Search Google  results from URL Bar
    13. F5: Reload Webpage
    14. F6 : Edit URL
    15. F11: Full Screen
    16. Alt + Shift + I: Report an Issue
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  • Chirag Gulati
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    Thanks for the shortcut keys….😊

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